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Sports Massage

What happens when you participate in sports?

Regular physical activities like sports generate many benefits including:

  • Increased muscular strength
  • Muscle endurance
  • More efficient heart and vascular system operation
  • Improved respiratory function
  • Greater flexibility
  • A general sense of well-being

All conditioning involves three distinct phases. This includes tear down, recovery and buildup.

The tear down process often involves stiffness and soreness. This is especially true if the movements the muscles are being required to make significantly increases from what they have been accustomed to in the past.

What Causes Sore Muscles?

If delayed muscle soreness is experienced, it may be caused by a number of physiological events. Minor muscle or connective tissue damage, localized muscle spasms or an accumulation of metabolites (from increased energy production) could all occur.

Body stress points can also cause limited flexibility and muscle pain. These pinpoint spots in the muscle and connective tissue radiate pain when pressed. The stress can result from a sudden trauma (like running into something). And stress points may also develop from the strain of extreme physical exertion or constant use of a muscle.

Lack of flexibility can also result from muscles that have been heavily exercised. The muscles can become tight and lose the ability to relax. With the stiffness, pulls and tears become more probable. The blood flow is constricted which can also cause irritation.


Sports Massage Users

Many professional and amateur athletes incorporate sports massages into their workout routines. Many of these athletes claim that the massages promote efficient training, aid in athletic performance, prevent injuries and speed-up recovery.

While elite athletes have traditionally been the largest group of sports massage acolytes, weekend warriors, recreational athletes, and massage therapists have become devoted users and proponents of this beneficial massage.


What is a Sports Massage?

A sports massage focuses on treating just those specific soft tissue aches and injuries associated with sports activities. This massage does the following:

  • Reduces muscle stiffness
  • Decreases muscle and connective tissue pain
  • Improves relaxation
  • Reduces heart rate and blood pressure
  • Improves muscle flexibility
  • Provides a sense of overall well-being

The difference between a regular massage and sports massage is that the sports massage is geared toward healing and recovery. It might be more uncomfortable because sore muscles are being pulled and rubbed.

The muscles will heal on their own over time but a sports massage speeds up the process. It generates collagen in cartilage, tendons and connective tissue which acts as a cement to bind the cells together. The massage helps lengthen and relax the muscles providing an optimal environment for tissue repair.

When Should You Have a Sports Massage?

If you experience injuries or muscle pain while performing a recreational sports activity, it may be beneficial to receive a massage. You might want to start by having one each month after an activity. If you are very active, you might consider having one every other week. It will depend on what your body tells you and what your physician recommends.

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