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Santa Barbara Location: 411 E Canon Perdido St, Ste 7, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Ventura Location:
2929 Loma Vista Rd #A, Ventura, CA 93003

Santa Barbara: (805) 564-1824
Ventura: (805) 641-0777


My Philosophy for healthcare is interdisciplinary. First and foremost modern medicine has some of the best diagnostic tools including blood tests, X-rays, MRI, CAT Scans, Ultrasounds. I can request any of the latest diagnostic studies.

Secondly I am holistic in my approach. I will utilize deep tissue massage, structural integration and emotive release techniques to facilitate each chiropractic visit.

Thirdly there is reliance on exercise therapy, vision improvement, meditation techniques, yoga and other disciplines to help get people well. I work with athletes or anyone injured in an accident.

My treatments are thorough and I prefer seeing patients no more than once per week so that they learn exercise and self-help.

Please contact me with any philosophical or medical question. I will respond.

Dr. Irwin Teichman

Santa Barbara Chiropractor | Philosophy. Dr. Irwin Teichman is a Santa Barbara Chiropractor.